[:en]Maine, Acadia National Park 3-day Tour (AC3)[:zh]滿地可-魁北克3天2夜(QB3) [:]

[:en]2018 Departure Day:
Friday (10/1~10/31)
*Holiday extra: 5/26;9/1

Day 1: New York – York Wild Kingdom Zoo – Portland Head Light House – Hotel at Maine
We are leaving from Manhattan and Flushing, crossing the first two states in New England Region:
Connecticut and Massachusetts, then we will head to the *York’s Wild Kingdom Zoo, where the largest
animal parks and amusement is park in Maine. It shows the very rare white tigers in India, the world’s
largest rodent capybara, African zebras and lions, kangaroos in Australia, peacocks from India. There are
more than 20 kinds of apes animals. We are free to feed the deer in Maine and small goat; we can ride the
camel, too. It is ideal for children and parents to interact with animals and nature. (To take care and
protect these exotic animals, the zoo has to maintain a stress less schedule for these endangered species,
the Zoo reserve the right of final explanations.) By the end of the day, we will go to the fourth largest city
in Maine – Portland, enjoy one of the oldest, most beautiful, the nation’s highest photography light house:
Portland Headlight house. The lighthouse was first authorized built by the first president of the United
States; George Washington in 1787, which faces to the Atlantic Ocean, visitors can shoot from all angles
of the lighthouse. And the lighthouse still is in use in the present.
{Remarks: The York’s Wild kingdom only opens during May 26- September 23, 2018. Tour will visit
Salem Witch Museum instead when York’s Wild kingdom is close.
We arrive to the oldest town in Massachusetts, Salem which established in 1626, we are to visit the
Salem Witch Museum, we learn the famous witches hall with a vivid demonstration of simple
reproduction of the 17th-century Puritan life scenarios, it tells the stories with vivid language and superb
performing arts, where we recall that the people’s awareness of the disease and dependence on
superstition. The museum offers free Chinese, Japanese, German, Russian, Italian, French, Spanish
Reference Hotel: Fireside Inn & Suites, Auburn, ME/ Comfort Inn, Waterville, ME or equivalence
Day 2 Hotel-Acadia National Park
We will take the Nature Cruise or local ecological lobster boats, learning about the local wild marine
animals, including harbor seals, bald eagle the national bird of the United States, sea ducks, and other
wild animals; we also can learn about Maine lobster habits and know the local fishermen catch lobster
process. At noon we are down to the local oldest Baltic seaport: Bar Harbor, it is a more than 150 year
old fishing village, we are fortunate to try the most famous French steamed Maine lobster, lobster ice
cream, blueberry soda, blueberry ice cream, lobster ice cream and blueberry pie. And then we will drive
up to the Acadia National Park; the Maine’s most northeastern region. The park is the vocation land of
the 19th century American tycoons: John D. Rockefeller family, Andrew Carnegie and JP Morgan’s. The
U.S. President Barack Obama and his family spent three wonderful days here in 2010. Then we visit the
tallest mountains along the Mount. Desert Island, where is the earliest to see the sunrise and sunset on
the top of Cadillac Mountain. The Cadillac Mountain is formed millions of years ago through the
formation of crustal movement and cooling pink granite. Along the way we can enjoy a very nice view of
Eagle Lake, then we reach up the summit, we can see up to 60 islands scattered in the spectacular views
of the Atlantic Ocean, we are really feeling Maine father, mother earth and ocean romance darling
generated. Later, we will also visit the sand beach and thunder hole.
Reference Hotel: Fireside Inn & Suites, Auburn, ME/ Comfort Inn, Waterville, ME or equivalence
Day 3: Hotel – Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens – Mystic Aquarium – New York
We will go for Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens. Gardens include the Giles Rhododendron Garden, with
a multi-level waterfall; the 2-acre Bibby and Harold Alfond Children’s Garden, inspired by Maine
children’s literature; the Lerner Garden of the Five Senses; Perennial & Rose Garden; Burpee Kitchen
Garden; Slater Forest Pond; Cleaver Event Lawn & Garden; Haney Hillside Garden; and Vayo
Meditation Garden. The gardens feature sculptures by fine artists, while many of the pieces are part of
temporary exhibits, a good number are part of the Gardens’ permanent collection. Lastly, we visit the
most interactive marine research aquarium: Mystic Aquarium, which exhibit the Titanic underground of
12,450 feet deep in The Atlantic Ocean, it shows the story of the sinking and steels from the sea, we can
also see the four aged up to 30 years old cute Beluga Whale, visitors can take pictures with them face to
face; the aquarium also has more than 50 kinds of fluorescent jellyfish; visitors can also watch four over
10-year-old California sea lion, touching the blue lobster and rays fishes. Enjoy the show of South
African penguins. Return to New York City at night.
Scenic Spots Notes:
(1) Itinerary will be subject to change due to traffic and weather. The sequence of the attractions might be changed
according to actual and practical situation for better service.
(2) In case of attraction closures (due to holidays or construction, etc.), tour guide may make some necessary
changes to the itinerary accordingly.
(3) This tour does not accept any City Pass or your own tickets for the attraction. Guests need to purchase admission
tickets from tour guides.
Refund Remark:
(1) If the weather condition, war, general strikes and other unforeseen circumstances interrupt the journey, our
company reserve the right to rearrange the journey without refunding the tour fee.
(2) If visitors cannot join the tour due to personal reasons, the fee for hotels and transportation is not refundable.
Tour fee exclude: the meals, attractions tickets, service fee ($10 per person per day), and any private costs (such as
hotel telephone charges, laundry etc.)[:zh]




  1.   “東方小巴黎”滿地可參觀奧運斜塔、巴黎聖母院姊妹篇–聖母大教堂,老城區感受法國風情。
  2. 參觀芳堤娜城堡,漫步于魁北克歷史區,感受400年的法蘭西芳香,古典、優雅。
  3. 美東大峽領略岩壁間歲月痕跡,風景如畫。

1 紐約(New York) – 奧爾巴尼(Albany) – 滿地可(Montreal)

早上驅車前往紐約北部,一路領略卡茨基爾(Catskill)山區的怡人風光,途徑紐約州府 – 奧爾巴尼。隨後前往法裔加拿大人自認的首都 –滿地可。奧林匹克公園裡的奧林匹克塔為1976年夏季奧運會而建,規模宏大,裡面矗立著奧林匹克塔,30度的傾斜令人頗為讚歎。隨後參觀兩大著名的教堂。聖母大教堂設計類似於聞名遐邇的巴黎聖母院,內部裝潢精細考究,都是在名貴稀罕的木材上雕刻而成。教堂內名曰 le Gros Bourdon的一口大鐘號稱是美洲大陸之首。另一座便是聖約瑟大教堂 ,它是羅馬天主教徒朝聖膜拜的主要地方,屢有朝聖者拾級而上,亦步亦趨,一級階梯一次祈禱,虔誠忠心。傍晚遊覽滿地可老城區, 品嘗咖啡同時, 欣賞街邊藝術表演。

住宿:Hotel & Suites Le Dauphin Quebec或同級

 2天 滿地可(Montreal) – 魁北克(Quebec)

早上前往魁北克,遊覽老魁北克的歷史區。它可是被教科文組織收錄在歷史文化遺產名錄之中。作為歷史文化名城,一路走來,名勝不鮮,歐式的聖路易斯門,聖勞倫斯河畔的芳堤娜城堡(Chateau Frontenac)。返回滿地可, 於老城區或鄰近中國城享用傳統法餐。

住宿:Gouverneur Relais Saint Jean 或同級

 3 魁北克(Quebec) – 紐約(New York)

早上返程美國,領略風景如畫的美東大峽。50億年來風蝕, 水沖,積澱,才打磨出今天的曠世奇景。幾百英尺之下的谷底天然石塊鋪就, 漫步其上, 穿梭崖壁間, 恍若另一世界。行程結束返回紐約市。




(3)遊客需跟團上導遊買門票,不可自行帶票或使用City Pass。




費用不含: 餐費,景點門票費,服務費 ($10每人每天),私人性質費用(如酒店電話費,洗衣費等)。